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Writer. Traveler. Queer. Passionate about self employment, LGBTQ finance and the writing life. Visit me at

Target clients for future work by delivering quality work that suits their needs.

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On LGBTQ inequality and financial vulnerability

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Here’s what it would really take to make workplaces inclusive for queer people.

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There are two kinds of doubt. One of them can make you a better writer.

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Queer people are poorer than straight peers for systemic and individual reasons.

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The price LGBTQ workers pay when they’re not welcomed in corporate work.

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Putting your work first is a process you’ll have to negotiate again and again.

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Creative me time always falls to the bottom of the list. It’s like, when I have deadlines for an editor, I find a way to get shit done but when it’s a deadline for my personal stuff, something else always takes priority. How do you make space to put your work first?

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How I Define Productivity

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Lindsey Danis

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