Writer. Traveler. Queer. Passionate about self employment, LGBTQ finance and the writing life. Visit me at http://www.lindseydanis.com
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I did the math recently. In 2021, I spent around 25 hours working for one of my clients. I spent probably half that much time (so another 12 hour) dealing with the underlying emotions of a relationship that was no longer feeling like a fit.

Time spent unpacking why I…

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As a general rule, new clients ALWAYS take more time than existing once…in my experience, anywhere from 30 to 50 percent more time.

Sometimes, that’s because a client gives a detailed style guide with formatting requests and do’s and don’ts, and you spend an extra hour checking your final draft…

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All sorts of mainstream publications commission LGBTQ-themed content during Pride month, and thinking ahead about ways to deepen the relationship is a great way to line up repeat work.

Some of these publications are pinkwashing, using Pride month for their annual box-check of allyship with no interest in continuing to…

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